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Honduras - Coffee

Seventh Coffee Company Honduras - Coffee

Tasting Notes: Stone Fruit, Bergamot, Dark Chocolate, Earthy

Altitude: 1650 MASL

Process: Washed

Varietal: Catuai, Bourbon, Lempira, IH90

Region: Marcala

CABRIPEL (Cooperative Agropecuaria Brisas del Pelón Limitada), is a forward-thinking group of about 50 producers. CABRIPEL is woman-owned, and has many women producers. The CABRIPEL cooperative also successfully grows other products: In addition to coffee and the products from the shade-giving plants (bananas, plantains, oranges, mangoes and wooden trees such as “paterna” and “guamo”), the CABRIPEL cooperative also builds corn on 75 hectares of land, beans, peppers, lettuce, cabbage, green beans, radishes and tomatoes and the farmers keep individual dairy cows.

The cooperative promotes cohesion in the village and works for the common good. A bridge over the river of the same name “La Estanzuela” was recently completed, which makes it easier to open up individual municipalities and to transport the coffee. Now there is a project to improve the water supply and the irrigation of vegetables. The amount of care they take at every level in producing coffee is extremely evident in the cup.


$19.00 12 oz

Whole Bean

$19.00 12 oz

About Seventh Coffee Company

Seventh is a small batch coffee roaster. The seven pillars that make up our company are creativity, service and support, education, caring about ever cup of coffee you make, being socially responsible, transparent, and lastly delivering amazing quality.

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