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Dark Side - Coffee

Seventh Coffee Company Dark Side - Coffee

Tasting Notes: Smooth, Molasses, Toasted Nuts

Come. Join us on the Dark Side.

Our signature dark roast coffee is everything you'd expect from a dark roast, with none of the unpleasant bitterness. This coffee is rich, with hints of chocolate and molasses, without the overpowering smokey taste known to some dark roast coffees. This is a tricky one to roast perfectly, but we think you'll agree that this is what a dark roast is meant to be.


$18.00 12 oz

Whole Bean

$18.00 12 oz

About Seventh Coffee Company

Seventh is a small batch coffee roaster. The seven pillars that make up our company are creativity, service and support, education, caring about ever cup of coffee you make, being socially responsible, transparent, and lastly delivering amazing quality.

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