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Shells' Heart of Gold

KarsNaturalKreations Shells' Heart of Gold

$8.00 / each

100% of the proceeds from Shells Heart of Gold lip balms will be donated to McMaster Children's Hospital in Shelleys name.

Shells Heart of Gold Vegan Lip Balm 4.5ml in Kraft tube, 100% plastic free

Ingredients: organic coconut oil, organic candelilla wax, blueberry fruit juice extract, ethically sourced mica.

The Shell Factor: When one acts with such kindness and gratitude. To be the best person you are, and to do everything in life, with your heart of gold. The shell factor is a statement we use in our family when you do something that stands out as Shelley Csordas. Whether it be giving back to others, sewing, knitting, or falling asleep before 9 pm (lol), thats the Shell Factor.

Shells Heart of Gold is a lip balm in memory of my beautiful step-mom who passed away on March 23th, 2021. This is one way we can continue to honour the Shell Factor. It has been a privilege to be Shelleys step-daughter, and the sudden loss of Shell has left holes in our hearts. Shelley was the foundation of our family, the caring friend to everyone and a dedicated member in our community. One thing we are continuing to reminisce and carry on with us, is shells heart of gold. I hope to honour Shell and the heart she has in wanting to make this world a better place. She touched everyone person she met with her heart of gold.

Thank you to my beautiful friend Annette from Lip Service Beauty for making these lip balms possible. Annette believes whole-heartedly in her ingredients & makes quality plant-based beauty products in Grimsby. Let me just say, Annette is a powerhouse! If you have met this amazing women, you'd know Annette as a passionate leader. She is a huge advocate and female entrepreneur in our community. Annette shops local, supports our local businesses, supports POC & female business owners, supports collaboration over competition, supports our fur babies and so many more. I could go on about Lip Service Beauty, but I would love for you to check out her shop at:

About KarsNaturalKreations

Hello! My name is Karleigh. We are a zero waste business from Brantford, Ontario running on passion and eco-conscious thoughts that are consistently being fuelled by our community. Thank you for continuing to support our small business. We will continue to keep giving back to our Mama Earth in any way we can. As a business, we do so much more than sell products. We host zero waste workshops and monthly clean-ups in our community.

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