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Re-Gift Bag

KarsNaturalKreations Re-Gift Bag

$15.00 / each

Re-gift bags by Rather Green!

Rather Green designs and produces bags that help preserve and protect the environment without jeopardizing human well-being in the process. Their principle is that nature and people can and should exist in harmony.

The concept behind "Rather Green" is that we take steps towards sustainability that go beyond the direct benefits of the bags themselves.

For instance, the direct benefit of using reusable bags is the decrease in demand for single-use plastics. However, the same product can also carry indirect benefits that make it a rather sustainable option, such as being made of organic cotton and hemp; materials that pollute very little to be produced and are able to return to the natural environment after its life cycle is completed

Non-seasonal and long-lasting. Durable hemp handles and organic cotton canvas body provide these bags with versatility and strength to withstand tasks other than gifting.

Reuse, reuse and reuse your organic & hemp gift bag for gifts, to bring shopping, or to take to the beach!

Lets eliminate single use plastics and swap to high quality and ethical bags made in Canada

About KarsNaturalKreations

Hello! My name is Karleigh. We are a zero waste business from Brantford, Ontario running on passion and eco-conscious thoughts that are consistently being fuelled by our community. Thank you for continuing to support our small business. We will continue to keep giving back to our Mama Earth in any way we can. As a business, we do so much more than sell products. We host zero waste workshops and monthly clean-ups in our community.

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