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Slàinte Box

Happy Hour Box Slàinte Box

$50.00 / Box

PRICE REDUCED! We've based this box around the Irish! We celebrate St.Patricks day in March, but really all things Irish can be enjoyed at anytime! If you're wondering about the name of this box, Sláinte means "health" in Irish Gaelic and is commonly used as a drinking toast in Ireland. So, Sláinte to you!

Included in your box:

  • JollyCut Smoked Old Fashioned Syrup
  • Top Shelf Grapefruit Bitters
  • Rosewood Wildflower Honey
  • Happy Hour Blend Medium Roast Coffee
  • Eatable Inc Gourmet popcorn Whisky on the Pops
  • County Soda Company Ginger Ale
  • Buzzed Board Game
  • Recipe Cards
  • Information card

March Recipes:

Irish Maid: The Irish Maid is similar to a Whiskey Smash. The Irish Maid, though, calls for muddling cucumber slices to release their fresh juices before shaking the remaining ingredients. This cocktail is light and refreshing, perfect for a nice spring evening on the deck.

Irish Coffee: Whether it is after a nice meal, or just when you're feeling like a hot beverage, this Irish coffee will give you the smooth taste of our very own Happy Hour Blend Coffee! Choose to add whipped cream, frothed milk, or our favourite, Copperhead Northspoon Irish Cream, to add to the rich taste.

Irish Smoked Old Fashioned: We love our Old Fashioned's and we took it to another level with a smoky flavour that will awake your senses! The simplicity of this cocktail makes it a great choice for any occasion, but dont let the simplicity fool you, it is packed with tons of flavour!

Please note: Does not include fresh lemon


About Happy Hour Box

Cocktail Curators. Local Sourcing Aficionados. Entertainment Enthusiasts. We are Ontario's finest cocktail subscription/gift kit. Offering cocktail kits using locally sourced Ontario products whenever possible. Includes ingredients, a snack, as well as recipe cards. Alcohol sold separately.

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