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Dixons Trickle down Maple Rye

Happy Hour Box Dixons Trickle down Maple Rye

$18.95 / 200mls

Limited Edition!

Want to give Dixon's Distilled Spirits a try? How about one of their amazing Hand-crafted spirits as a 200 ml sample? Also great for gifting! This Trickle Down Maple Whiskey is perfect!

Made with 100% Canadian Rye and corn, and sweetened with pure Ontario maple syrup. This limited-edition whiskey is made, aged and bottled here in Canada!

About Happy Hour Box

Cocktail Curators. Local Sourcing Aficionados. Entertainment Enthusiasts. We are Ontario's finest cocktail subscription/gift kit. Offering cocktail kits using locally sourced Ontario products whenever possible. Includes ingredients, a snack, as well as recipe cards. Alcohol sold separately.

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