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Dixon's Flaming Caesar Vodka

Happy Hour Box Dixon's Flaming Caesar Vodka

$14.05 / 200 mls

Want to give Dixon's Distilled Spirits a try? How about one of their amazing Hand-crafted spirits as a 200 ml sample? Also great for gifting! This Flaming Caesar Vodka is perfect!

Made with Silvercreek Vodka infused with handpicked ingredients, it’s packed with flavour and heat. Just mix with your favourite brand of clam and tomato cocktail for a perfect Caesar.

Coming soon: Build your own Caesar Kit!

About Happy Hour Box

Cocktail Curators. Local Sourcing Aficionados. Entertainment Enthusiasts. We are Ontario's finest cocktail subscription/gift kit. Offering cocktail kits using locally sourced Ontario products whenever possible. Includes ingredients, a snack, as well as recipe cards. Alcohol sold separately.

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