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Caesar Box Starter

Happy Hour Box Caesar Box Starter

$34.00 / Box

One of the most amazing things to come out of Canada- The all-mighty Caesar! Some people like spicy, some like all vegetable garnishes, some prefer as much meat as possible! Whatever your Caesar preference is, we have it. We understand that there are hundreds of ways to enjoy a Caesar, which is why we created the Create your Own Caesar Box. Get outside your comfort zone and add something you've never tried before or stick to what you love. Whatever you decide, we're sure you will love the hand-picked local ingredients that will elevate your Caesar game.

The starter box includes: 1L Singers mix of your choice, Garnish Sticks, Cured Spice co. Caesar Rimmer, and One Lemon.

About Happy Hour Box

Cocktail Curators. Local Sourcing Aficionados. Entertainment Enthusiasts. We are Ontario's finest cocktail subscription/gift kit. Offering cocktail kits using locally sourced Ontario products whenever possible. Includes ingredients, a snack, as well as recipe cards. Alcohol sold separately.

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