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Light Rye Sourdough

The Good Bread Company Light Rye Sourdough

$8.00 / Loaf

This is where it all began – the first of our in-house-developed recipes - a carefully blended balance of whole grain rye flour, whole grain wheat flour and strong baker’s flour, the flavours being pulled together with the minimum amount of Dead Sea salt. Fresh yeast, an artisan’s touch and baker’s wisdom bring to you a beautiful crusty loaf with a wonderful chewy crumb.

One of our daily hearth loaves.

Ingredients: whole grain rye flour, whole grain wheat flour, strong baker’s flour, salt.

Serving suggestions: Makes a great Reuben Sandwich, Euro-style sandwiches, panini. A very satisfying breakfast toast. Serve it in chunks with stews, soups, or goulash. A great peasant bread. Requested for olive oil trade shows as the best complement to pure oils.

About The Good Bread Company

The Good Bread Company is an artisan bakery in Vittoria, Ontario, specializing in gourmet breads, desserts, and more. The bakery is housed within the secularized Vittoria Baptist Church, and includes an art gallery cafe and performance/event space. Also operating at Wincey Mills Market in Paris - Thursday through Saturday.

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