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Dill Pickle Loaf

The Good Bread Company Dill Pickle Loaf

$8.00 / Loaf

Of all the loaves that we have introduced, this one has created the most furor. I asked Daniel, as a lark, to bake dill pickle bread for New Year’s Eve one year. Only one batch. Of course, people thought it was too weird, until they tasted it. From then on, we haven’t been able to bake enough. Often baked into kaiser-sized hand-rolled buns.

Ingredients: Bread flour, diced baby dill pickles, white sugar, sea salt, bakers yeast

Serving Suggestions: Heard 100 times: “This makes the best grilled cheese sandwich on earth”. Less often: It’s great with peanut butter.

About The Good Bread Company

The Good Bread Company is an artisan bakery in Vittoria, Ontario, specializing in gourmet breads, desserts, and more. The bakery is housed within the secularized Vittoria Baptist Church, and includes an art gallery cafe and performance/event space. Also operating at Wincey Mills Market in Paris - Thursday through Saturday.

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