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Borscht (Vegan)

Baba Zee's Pierogies Borscht (Vegan)

$10.00 / Liter

This traditional Ukrainian soup is incredibly flavourful, and its Vegan friendly! Made with red beets, carrots, potatoes and fresh dill, this soup is very well balanced and packed with nutrients. Thaw in the fridge overnight, re-heat and serve with a dollop of sour cream or Greek yogurt!

About Baba Zee's Pierogies

Handmade locally sourced pierogies. We took my Baba's recipe and gave it a little twist! These frozen fresh pierogies are bigger than your average pierogi, and after you try them we are sure you'll think they are better too! Whether you boil, fry, air fry, or even bacon wrap and put on the smoker (hello BBQ season) make sure you have Baba Zee's in your freezer for a easy and delicious meal! Pick up available every Saturday from 10-4, weeknights by appointment. local delivery coming soon!

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