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Local made Perogies

4 Seasons Farm Shop Local made Perogies

Local made Perogies from Country Style

One dozen a bag

They do come frozen

1 dozen for $4.50 OR 3 dozen for $12.00!

You can make any combination for the special of 3 dozen for $12.00

Just order the flavors you would like and we will adjust the price on your order!

(the website can't do that, we will do this after you place your order)

Cheddar Cheese 'n' Potato

$4.50 dozen

comes frozen

Spinach Feta

$4.50 dozen

comes frozen

Garlic Herb

$4.50 dozen

comes frozen

Bacon Romano Cheese

$4.50 dozen

come frozen

About 4 Seasons Farm Shop

We at 4 Seasons Farm Shop have year round a nice large selection of vegetables & fruit, Local Made: preseves, jam, honey, maple syrup, baking mixes (regular & gluten free), dried herbs and much more! We strive to have Local vegetables & fruit as much as possible when in season. In the Winter months we add imported items so we can still offer a nice selection! We are open year round! Danny & Cynthia

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