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4 Seasons Farm Shop Onions

Local Onions

RED Spanish Onion $1.00 each

Cooking Onions $2.50 2 lbs

Red Onions $2.50 2 lbs

White Pearl $3.75 2 lbs

Small White Pearl Onions

Red Pearl $3.75 2 lbs

Small Red Pearl Onions

Shallots $3.75 2 lbs

Chipollini $3.75 2 lbs

Small Flat Yellow Onions

MIX Small Onions $3.75 2 lbs

Mix bag of White Pearl, Red Pearl, Shallots & Cipollini

Next Pickup Tuesday 8 December (1:00pm) You have lots of time to place an order

About 4 Seasons Farm Shop

We at 4 Seasons Farm Shop have a nice selecion of Local Grown Vegetables & Fruit. We also carry a nice selection of Local Made Preserves, Herbs, Baking Mixes (Regular & Gluten Free), Jam & More! For the Winter Month's we offer online shopping but you are also welcome to come by without an order.

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